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Google, Microsoft recruiting 6200 in talent war 
Will search tools be needed to sift through applications for a record number of jobs this quarter?
Opinion: Time for Google to bring us a trustworthy cloud 
Why is Google so bad at information security?
Optus: Break NBN Co into baby telcos 
And CEO takes a swipe at iiNet No.2 claims.
Little backing makes Australia a backup laggard 
Australia's IT workers feel left out in the cold.
Protest: 500 rally for Wikileaks 
Assange and Manning deserve whistleblower protection not vilification, supporters say.
Google drops H.264, promotes Theora, WebM 
Change to open-source video standards throws web and mobile developers a googly.
Hundreds flock to Wikileaks Sydney rally 
Julian Assange, Australian of the Year?
Cablegate: German criticisms of US data protection revealed 
Wikileaks data dump validates German privacy advocates' worst fears.
Google aims for Microsoft's heart 
Search giant touts enterprise platform as a viable alternative.
Crowdsourcing finds cheap skills offshore 
There's a world of IT professionals out there ready to work for next to nothing.
Windows Phone 7 available across a spread of channels 
Devices, release dates and plans revealed.
IBM to integrate $100m smart grid plan 
EnergyAustralia consortium picks up the cheque.
Tech companies populate BRW Young Rich 
Atlassian jumps up the list, while CSG debuts.
Turnbull lays out case for NBN cost-benefit 
Opposition communications spokesman to meet NBN Co CEO, debate Conroy.
NBN Co builds for video, sharing 
Retail service providers to approach customers with confidence for first time.
'Phoenix' burned in $100k software copyright bust 
Those singed unlikely to again infringe, says BSA.
Wikileaks founder not smeared: former spy 
But now that we have the Afghan War Diary, let's use it, says Robert Baer.
Excom staff, students commiserate online 
Nationwide soul searching to make sense of closure.
Atlassian seeks nest builder 
Renovates offices, prepares for new arrivals?
Interview: Inside the Atlassian-Accel deal 
Counterculture coders set to expand with $68 million cash injection.
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