In pictures: Sydney fans buy first iPhone 5s

Chaos on George St.

By on Sep 21, 2012
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Sydney city fans hits Apple's George Street store this morning to get their hands on the new iPhone 5.
The line up wove around both sides of the store and stretched down into King St - several hundred people were more than a bit keen to snap up the new phone, with more than a handful having camped several days overnight.
In comparison, Optus' nearest store didn't have quite as many iEnthusiasts.
On the other side of George St however, directly across from Apple, the line up outside Telstra was long, with the telco blaring music in the lead up to its 8am launch, as well as handing out cupcakes to waiting customers.
Telstra was counting down the minutes.
This year's line-up was filled with those looking for their two minutes of fame, displaying company names in signs and shirts.
There was even a mini-protest, with an organisation highlighting the difference between needs and wants. Police were there to monitor the overall situation between media and fans, and told the protestors to move away from the sidewalk once the store opened.
Apple employees tread their well-worn path of drumming up excitement up to the 8am opening by cheering and clapping and generally just being loud.
The doors open and the first iPhone 5 buyers flood in.
The first iPhone 5 buyers, amongst the first in the world to get their hands on the new device.
Inside the two-story store were several displays set up specifically for the new phone.
The iPhone 5 table.
As soon as the first batch of buyers were let in, a new line formed. An hour after the 8am opening the line didn't look much shorter than early this morning.

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