Leaked iPad 3 parts point to retina display

By Lucy Hedges on Feb 14, 2012 8:05 AM
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Are the pieces of the iPad 3 puzzle finally coming together?

Apple iPad 3

Another day, another iPad 3 development. This time, the folks over at iLab Factory claim they have  managed to get their hands on the purported iPad 3 dock connector, back plate with Apple logo and Sharp's LCD panel, which just happen to be a perfect fit.

Based on this discovery (unearthed by Apple Insider), the iPad parts reseller has concluded these key components are indeed genuine and belong to the prototype build of the iPad 3 – increasing the likelihood that Apple’s third-gen rectangle will pack a Retina Display.

It is also thought the iPad 3 will be marginally thicker (by 1mm) thanks to a chunkier back plate. But girth aside, the iPad 3 matches the current iPad’s 9.7in display.

The site also noted that the screws on the rear panel are aligned differently to the screws on the iPad 2, which line up perfectly with the Sharp LCD Display, and potentially the new high-res Retina Display expected to feature on the iPad 3.

Apple iPad 3

Finally, when the new dock connector rumoured to wind up on the iPad 3 was placed on the back panel, the part was found to match the correct screw holes. Interestingly, design differences on the rear panel also point to a redesigned camera system.

With the iPad 3 rumour mill chucking out rumours faster than a Kardashian scandal, it’s anyone’s guess as to what we can expect from Apple’s third-gen iPad.

But if the rumours are to believed, we’ll be welcoming the iPad 3 into the world in the first week of March. In the meantime, catch up on your iPad 3 gossip by reading everything you need to know.

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Leaked iPad 3 parts point to retina display
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