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Panasonic and Fujitsu join forces 
Japanese giants to manufacture LSI chips.
Ghosts of laptops past: This cost $3,000? 
Costing several thousand dollars, with insanely tiny keys - meet the poster child of tiny laptops in the 1990s.
Palm was wasted: former boss 
Former CEO says HP never gave webOS a chance to flourish.
7 milestones in smartphone history 
You didn't think it all started with the iPhone, did you?
HP director defends chairman Lane 
Autonomy fall-out continues.
8 HP WebOS predictions that fell flat 
Broken dreams, unfulfilled promises.
HP sells WebOS 
Steve Jobs threatened Palm with lawsuit for poaching staff 
Eight tech companies that had it all and lost it 
Most notable and heart-wrenching declines.
Six terrible tech acquisitions 
Buys that were more trouble than they were worth.
HP reveals Open WebOS  
Option for smartphone, tablet.
HP CEO reveals smartphone plans 
HP spins off WebOS business 
Separate company, new name.
HP's mystery tablet 
Unknown device pops up in ad, photo.
HP webOS devs jump ship to Google 
Enyo "Czar" latest in mass exodus.
HP names channel execs for new PPS group 
Leaders announced for merged printer PC division.
Former WebOS chief gets new role at HP 
Future tech: HP 64-core processors 
Six times faster and more power efficient.
Analysis: The 'post-PC' era 
Is Apple right about the death of the PC?
HP debuts new-look Z workstations 
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