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Hotel business centre computers targeted by malware   
US Secret Service warns the hospitality industry about keylogger infections.
Vendor scores perfect PR with Exchange blowup 
Mimecast couldn't have picked a better moment for launch.
Attackers hide in plain sight using data-sharing apps 
Facebook and Twitter among applications targeted.
Microsoft reveals massive Qld Office 365 rollout 
Nearly 150,000 Qld govt staff could migrate.
Malware writers turn to ancient craft to hide viruses 
Using art of steganography to get up to no good.
Warning over new Word, Excel malware 
Infection could be easy to miss.
Guide to banking malware 
Sophistication rises in longtime botnet families.
Enterprising research IDs zero day malware 
Bird's eye view spots attacks on large networks.
Dailymotion serving fake anti-virus  
Dangerous malware install caught on tape.
FireEye Update OS for email and IPv6 security 
Corporate USB modems open to SMS attack 
Attackers rack up phone bills, steal login credentials.
10 attack trends eroding internet trust 
Why attacks are having serious impact on public trust, says Cisco.
Android flaw allows attackers to bypass VPN 
Email sent from the phone could be hijacked.
Uncracking Cryptolocker 
One IT firm's battle to restore files locked by the ransomware.
Vendors handpicked for Qld cloud tender 
Switch to cloud will save govt up to $20 million.
Fake YouTube site strikes visitors with three-staged attack 
Fake page uses social engineering, drive-by downloads and ransomware.
Sneaky websites on Google App Engine distribute adware 
Two official - looking websites on the Google App Engine server are serving up some nasty adware.
Big Blue buys Trusteer 
Said to be worth $1 billion.
Twitter accounts created to spread spam, malware are easy to create and sell 
A new academic research report provides a glimpse into the thriving and organized market for these accounts.
Spam email contains malware, not Apple gift card 
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