Rabid reseller
It's not easy being a reseller in Australia.
Microsoft's Holo-promises 
[Comment] This new technology will find an, ahem, mature market.
The problem with flash is it doesn't break down 
[Comment] Who wants technology that just works?
The meek shall inherit the cloud 
Rabid Reseller says the cloud is a great leveller.
Rabid Reseller's dodgy DIY data centre  
How not to create your own backyard IaaS solution.
Rabid reseller: This year, no discounts 
A New Year’s resolution everyone can get behind: make more money.
Rabid reseller: Translating the tubes 
Turns out cashing in on the app bonanza might be more difficult than originally anticipated.
Rabid reseller: Resolution time 
No more dodgy discounts – now that’s a promise to shout about.
Rabid reseller: Faster, higher, stronger 
But growth plan gets derailed by the GFC.
Frequently Annoying Questions 
A forum where resellers discuss their ideas.
A trolling we will go 
The virtual world has frightening similarities to our own.
Rabid reseller: Flying high 
Budget travel is a reminder you get what you pay for.
Rabid reseller: Everything must go! 
The times call for drastic measures, but at least there's plenty of goodwill value.
Rabid reseller: Filter me this 
The fed’s net filtering plan should have some resellers yelling obscenities in disgust.
Rabid reseller: Absolutely franchastic 
The path to untold 'franches' has a few signs along the way more important than your own shingle.
Vote early, vote often 
Opportunities abound in the polling business.
Cunning penguin plot 
Will third-world kiddies be able to hang on to their laptops?
Party time 
It's that time of the year for good cheer
Rabid turns to relics 
Nostalgia ain't what it used to be
Shiver me timbers 
Surely rich boat-owners want to buy some tech gear.
Getting certified 
OPINION: For the past month Rabid’s phone has overflowed with begging messages texted to him by the nephew.
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