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Investment paralysis in IT spending 
Customers are delaying investments in the face of cloud options.
NBN Co partners with Qubit to expand access 
Oracle: HP eyed Sun as Itanium exit 
PC maker leaks batch of documents.
The cloud breathes life in wake of GFC 
Key events in business technology's biggest transitions.
Oracle: HP pays to keep 'dead' Itanium alive 
Google's mobile head not fit for Java talks  
Rubin may report to Larry, but he's no Larry.
Cable: US pressured EU to approve Oracle-Sun merger 
Leak reveals US Government lobbied on behalf of Oracle.
AUSTRAC spends $2.5m on Exadata upgrade 
Vapourware clouds the issue of thin clients 
As the industry makes another stab at network computing without the PC, Matthew JC Powell ponders whether it’s more of a cycle than a revolution
Annuities lift margins in revamped HP service program 
Partners to get more technical, sales and marketing help.
Oracle declares Google owes it $2.4bn 
Don't dismiss our damages expert, Oracle argues.
Report: Cisco lands senior Sun veteran 
Chasing the Sun for faster growth 
How has Remora benefited from hanging around the big fish?
Two charged with insider trading in Oracle-Sun, HP-3Com, Intel-McAfee deals 
Oracle pays US$46 million to settle kickback claims 
Oracle bid for EMC taken seriously 
Investors drove the price of EMC shares up more than 4 percent on Thursday.
Oracle cuts Sun partners 
From maintenance renewals.
Oracle loses another Sun stalwart 
Jeff Bonwick, the father of ZFS, quits to face new challenge.
Oracle moves to calm developer fears 
Software vendor hopes to stave off criticism with open-source Java promise.
Q&A: itX chief says Avnet buy is "best fit" 
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