Demands US$999 bitcoin.
Service tag can be misused.
Investigation under way to check what info was accessed.
Microsoft admits problem with Office 365 security module 
'Incredulous' delay in fixing Advanced Threat Protection.
Dell admits to security hole in new laptops 
Is it Lenovo's Superfish all over again?
What's hot in security? We ask Enosys 
With sales director Joseph Mesiti.
Ransomware spreads from PCs to the web 
New scam targets Linux web servers.
Hackers target Australian Navy submarine blueprints 
Construction firm reports 30 to 40 intrusion attempts everyday.
Anonymous releases names of Ku Klux Klan members 
How to recover from ransomware – the smart way 
Defeat the criminals who take your data hostage.
FireEye chief dodges questions on exit strategy 
IBM rumour follows earlier speculation about Cisco.
Symantec execs get defensive at AGM 
Antsy shareholders demand answers.
Google tells off Symantec for mishandling digital certs 
Security vendor must now pass audits to not be blocked.
$200,000 Jaguar hacked and stolen 
New Oracle microprocessor can stop viruses 
First chip ever to validate software in real time.
Symantec takes on FireEye, Palo Alto with new advanced threat protection 
Internet-connected kettles leak wi-fi passwords  
Surprise, surprise, they don't have any built-in security.
FBI recommends ransomware victims pay up  
Stop forcing users to create complicated passwords: IBM 
Even complex passwords can be broken in less than a second.
Has an Ashley Madison extortion campaign started? 
Suspicious behaviour from notorious hacking group.
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