Toshiba's diverse laptops: Android, dual screen and 3D

Toshiba has unveiled a range of new laptops.

By on Jul 22, 2010
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The AC100 is a radical departure from the norm. This 10in 'Cloud Companion' uses an ARM-based NVIDIA Tegra processor and runs Android as its operating system.
By using hardware more at home in a smartphone than a netbook Toshiba has managed to create an extraordinarily thin, lightweight offering.
The Portege M780 is a convertible tablet PC, with a swivel mounted screen that allows it to be used as a laptop or a tablet.
Toshibe is the latest manufacturer to jump onboard the NVIDIA 3D Vision bandwagon. Its Satellite A660 is capable of 3D gaming, but unfortunately still requires the use of an external transmitter for the glasses.
It wasn't all fancy gimmicks though, Toshiba launched new models into many different price ranges.
This Sattelite T230 was a refreshing splash of colour in the sea of glossy black that seems the default for most modern laptops.
The Libretto W100 pairs two 7in touchscreens into a clamshell design to create a truly unique computing platform.
When you need to type the Libretto W100 can bring up a soft keyboard on the lower screen. There are actually several different styles of keyboard so you can use the software to find the layout that works best for you.
The large screen makes typing a surprisingly good experience. Much like smartphone manufacturers, Toshiba uses an inbuilt vibration function to give the illusion of keypresses when using the soft keyboard.
The Libretto W100 runs WIndows 7, and is surprisingly powerful for such a small package.

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