CRN roundtable: Commoditisation of IT

CRN hosted a discussion on how resellers can help nervous IT managers navigate obstacles and realise opportunities.

By on Dec 6, 2011
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A leading group of influential Australian technology executives sat down with CRN to discuss the trend towards commoditising technology. They discussed the security challenges created by BYO devices in the corporate world.
Dataweave managing director Norman Weaver spoke of the potential to lose network-connected devices and therefore sensitive company information. "It's now much more difficult to secure corporate data."
Matthew Old, McAfee: "It's a viral effect that's happening within companies. You want to give them the ability to use their devices, because a lot of the time they're [better], but you don't want to put your organisation at risk."
Anthony Carilla of NEC highlighted the difficulty involved in clarifying social media policy. "Change is going to demand the integration of social media norms, and how you apply security policy and processes around that. It's going to be very challenging and a real problem I would think".
Sydney Borg, PCS Australia: "My biggest concern is that if I'm not controlling the hardware in my accounts, I've already lost stage one. I've been in the game 35 years and I'm a believer that if I don't own the hardware.. and equipment, I don't have control of the account."
Scott Penno, Allied Telesis believes the needs an demand of younger, prospective employees is going to drive change towards BYO. "New employees are looking at what's in it for them. They want to work for an employer who's moving forward, and they want flexibility and freedom."
Hwei Oh of Sophos spoke of the importance that employees understand the risk and implications in using their own devices on the corporate network.
Chris Kelly, Lenovo: "People demand that level of flexibility and personalisation, and I think that we as players in the industry have got to work out how we best adapt to that environment. I think it's going to happen whether we like it or not."
Brett Stevens, CTO of Netcomm, says the company has begun controlling what people can do at work on their own hardware. "It's going to be up to either the IT departments or the ISP, and the telco in effect, to control what is able to be consumed under a profile for a particular person."
Ingram Micro's Grant Cleary, speaking on social networks, said the risk is after the message is out there, it's then too late to moderate it.
The discussion moved on to how well cloud applications integrate with systems such as Oracle and SAP. Weaver said it was a challenge. "Things are getting better, but there's no getting away from the fact that data is in several places."
The line up: Anthony Carilla, NEC; Scott Penno, Allied Telesis; Dominic Torre, D-Link; Hwei Oh, Sophos; Norman Weaver, Dataweave; Sydney Borg, PCS Australia; Matthew Old, McAfee; Brett Stevens, Netcomm; Chris Kelly, Lenovo; Grant Cleary, Ingram Micro; Michael Costigan, Avnet.

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