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Meet the top ten fastest growing resellers for 2011.

By on Dec 1, 2011
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10. CMS IT: troubled times bought opportunity for CMS to change tack and ride new trends. Picture: CEO Angelo Millena.
9. Seek Technology: positioning itself in managed services left other Adelaide players behind. Picture: directors David Marshall and David Stuart.
8. Intelligent Pathways: selling its own product made for greater business stability. Picture: CEO Peter Robertson.
7. Techhead Interactive: moving to mobility solutions was quite a transformation but the staff were all on board. Picture: COO Anthony Wood.
6. Sable: a focus on Microsoft Dynamics AX and a deep well repeat business boosted by referrals eased the way. Picture: sales director Martin Wildsmith.
5. PCS Australia: the long-running reseller made an art of getting more from the customers it already has. Picture: founder and CEO Sydney Borg.
4. Stratatel: the IBM reseller has made a corporate tenet of constantly reinforcing its company culture. Picture: CEO Matthew Parry.
3. IT Consultancy Group: hitching itself to the cloud and virtualisation was a smart move. Picture: CEO Steve Parsonage.
2. MWTG: forced to think fast in the face of the GFC, Murdoch Webster Technology Group got rid of ‘expensive’ customers by being ‘brutally upfront’, and also cut some vendors loose. Picture: CEO Chris Mearns.
1. Anittel: a worrying full-year loss largely caused by indigestion from attempting to absorb companies wasn't enough to prevent last year's CRN Fast50 winner from defending its title. Picture: CEO Peter Kazacos.

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