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By Chris Jager on Aug 10, 2012
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The rumours surrounding Apple's next-gen iPhone show no signs of abating, with the latest reports pointing towards a thinner screen and in-cell touch panel technology.

In the following gallery, we showcase a menagerie of 'leaked' hardware photos that have appeared online. Naturally, none of these images are in any way endorsed by Apple, which has yet to confirm the existence of the device.
The 'leaked' MacOtakara images added fuel to the rumours of a smaller dock connector.
These iPhone 5 "pre-release test sample" images from Kitguru are among the most plausible we've seen. The images confirm the rumoured 4in screen and bigger 58x123mm form factor, with the headphone jack now placed on the bottom of the device rather than the top. The images were later pulled by the website.
This image purportedly shows the iPhone 5's front panel, revealing a bigger 4in screen and centred FaceTime camera. The image was leaked on Chinese Apple blog
This photo of an allegedly leaked iPhone 5 prototype points towards a one-size-fits-all quad-band device with 4G.
These pics of alleged iPhone 5 case accessories were accidentally posted by Case-Mate before quickly being pulled. While the focus is on the case, the photos reveal the phone's aluminium back along with refreshed button designs and placements.
iPhone 5 images that allege to be authentic are easy to spot: they're all badly photographed. This one comes from Kitguru.
Will the next iPhone be waterproof? HzO, a tech company that creates nano-scale film that can be applied to internal electronics during the manufacturing process, recently claimed to be in talks with Apple about its technology.

"We can expect HzO to be in next season's phones," the company stated. Hmm.

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