In pictures: iseek's Sydney data centre

Co-location provider shares ASX building.

By Liz Tay on Aug 22, 2012
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iseek has leased one data hall from Securus Australia in Gore Hill as its first data centre outside of Brisbane.
The three-storey building is shared with the Australian Securities Exchange, whose high-speed Australian Liquidity Centre occupies one-and-a-half floors and does not share any systems with other tenants besides a fire alarm.
iseek's data hall has been fitted out with a 900mm raised floor for cooling and infrastructure and a false roof, consistent with its facilities in Brisbane.
Computer room air-conditioning (CRAC) units in iseek's 730-square-metre data hall.
iseek offers four "staging rooms" where co-location customers may set up equipment in a more comfortable setting than in the data hall.
Securus has established four data halls in the other one-and-a-half floors of the building, of which iseek's is the second largest. Pictured here is one of the smaller rooms, without iseek's false roof.
A plant room with power distribution units to the left and CRAC units to the right.
The building - including Securus' four data halls and the ASX's Australian Liquidity Centre - receives 20 MW of power, of which 1 MW has been put aside for iseek.
iseek's data hall is fitted with an Argonite fire suppression system. The tanks cost about $100,000 to refill.
Chilled water suppliers, with valves and redundant sections to allow the data centre to continue operating if any part fails.
Rooftop chiller units for all Securus tenants, besides the ASX, which operates its own infrastructure.
Central power switches distribute power to Securus' plant room, which distributes power to racks.
Two diesel rotary uninterruptible power supply (DRUPS) units keep the Securus facility - including all tenants besides the ASX - online for up to 48 hours in case of a mains outage.
UPS units for Securus' cooling systems. The units switch on within a minute; the facility has ten minutes of chilled water stored.
One of two meeting rooms available to Securus tenants.

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