In pictures: Optus launches 4G Galaxy S III

Uses Guinness World Record holders for network, phone launch.

By Allie Coyne on Sep 4, 2012
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Optus today celebrated the launch of its consumer LTE network and exclusive partnership with Samsung for its new 4G Galaxy S III by holding an event with four Guinness World Record holders in its George St, Sydney store. Each of the four hold the title for being the fastest in their area of expertise. The "Fast Four" will travel around Australia looking for competitors.

Pictured: Howard Berg is the world's fastest reader, with the ability to read at 25,000 words per minute. And for the sceptical out there, Berg was given a book he'd never read before and was able to recite back the contents.

Rapper Ricky Brown, aka "No Clue", is one of the fastest rappers in the world. He can rap 724 syllables in 51.27 seconds.
An onlooker decided to get up and have a go but didn't quite reach Brown's record.
Sean Shannon is the world's fastest talker. He can speak at 10.9 words a second - it's not easy to understand what he is saying.
But rapper Brown didn't seem to have a problem - the two had an on-stage conversation that mere mortals would find hard to comprehend.
UK girl Melissa Thompson won the title of world's fastest texter, with the ability to type 160 characters on a smartphone in 25.94 seconds.
She typed to above sentence in around about the same time today - her first time on the Galaxy S III 4G.
Her challenger didn't do quite so well.
The crowd were enthusiastic participants.
The Galaxy S III 4G. The smartphone boasts similar specs to its Galaxy S III sister, but is available in black and grey (grey only through Optus), compared to the S III's blue and white options.
The grey skin.
The Galaxy S III 4G.
The S III 4G carries 8MP back and 1.9MP front cameras.
The debut of the smartphone coincided with Optus' launch of its consumer 4G network across Sydney, Perth and Newcastle. It will come online in Melbourne later in the month. Optus' business customers have had access to its 4G network since July.

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