TechEd 2012: Windows 8 apps built in one day

Cream of the crop from App Fest.

By Chris Jager on Sep 14, 2012
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They say Rome wasn't built in a day. However, if the Windows 8 App Fest is anything to go by, maybe Romulus and Remus were just bludging. At TechEd 2012, die-hard coders from around Australia embarked on a s "24-hour hackathon" which saw them build complete Windows 8 apps in just one day. Here is the cream of the crop.
Diabetic Buddy is a 'gamefication' app for diabetic children aged between six and ten. It attempts to lessen the stress of recording a child's glucose levels by introducing a gaming element with missions and achievements.
"For this app to be successful, I'd like a six year old to come up to mum or dad, put out their fingers and say "please take my blood test because the game asked me to do so," project leader Scott Quayle said.
Feedback Loop is a real-time feedback app that was specifically designed to judge TechEd conference sessions. Team leader Kym Phillpotts said that the aim was to use as many Windows 8 features as possible in the creation of the app.
The app works similar to the 'live worm' deployed during political TV debates, with the rating fluctuating to match the shifting opinion of the audience. The app then automatically aggregates the scores into a single graph.
Real Estate Manager is a scheduling app designed to assist in the inspection of rental properties. It provides real estate agents with a wealth of information about the properties they manage, including street address, rental history, tenant profiles, photos and inspection calenders.
The Red Cross Resource Availability System allows members of the public to keep tabs on disaster-stricken areas where help and volunteers are needed. The aim of the app is to narrow the gap between Red Cross emergency services and people who are willing to help.
The team behind the Red Cross app stressed that their project was just a prototype concept that is not currently affiliated with the Australian Red Cross.
Get Tank is a pricing comparison app that alerts Perth users to the cheapest petrol in their vicinity. "It was a really interesting exercise seeing how quickly a web developer can get up to speed and build a Win8 app," Get Tank's team leader Myles Eftos said. "We found we were able to pull a lot of our existing web developer techniques over and could even use some of the common libraries we're used to."
The Get Tank team spent a lot of time replicating the look and feel of the Windows 8 UI. "We wanted to make it look like a Windows 8 app as much as possible," Eftos said.

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