Brennan IT in managed server push

By Brett Winterford on Aug 20, 2009 3:35 PM
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Transition to cloud computing.

Brennan IT has launched a managed infrastructure service in which the company manages servers on behalf of clients from its Brisbane and Sydney data centres.

The service will make use of a 650 metre squared data centre facility built in Brisbane late last year and tools from EMC, VMware and Cisco Systems.

"The hardware purchase model is strong in a lot of organisations, but more and more are looking to outsourcing, and more still for a complete managed service," said Brennan IT sales manager, Stephen Sims.

"Rather than sell them the hardware, or sell them the hardware and then manage it, we're now able to rent servers and storage capacity on a per-server, per-month basis, completely managed."

The entry-level price for a managed server starts at around $500 per month.

Brennan IT already offered a tailored solution for customers such as Kwik Kopy, Pioneer Mortgages and Count Financial. These customers specifically sought out a managed server service. But Sims said enough customers have shown interest to formally take a product to market.

"We had our account managers on the phone yesterday, and already have 44 expressions of interest," he said.

Sims said the service saved customers having to invest in storage and virtualisation technologies, and invest in the skill sets to manage them.

"Customers with less than 1000 seats don't tend to have huge IT departments," he said. "For our smaller customers, this is incredible convenient and can scale with them. For our larger clients, they can use it for disaster recovery."

Path to cloud computing

Sims said the technology roadmap for VCE (VMware, Cisco and EMC) kit meant that in time, Brennan IT would be able to transition customers into a cloud computing service.

"That is the future," Sims said. "Our plan is to launch tools such that when customers go online, they have the capacity to adjust processing and memory as they say fit - it is certainly part of the new tools coming out soon."

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Brennan IT in managed server push
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