CRN launches Stratus: Make money from the cloud

By Sholto Macpherson on Feb 9, 2011 3:47 PM
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Microsite dedicated to cloud.

It is too early to know the extent to which cloud computing will change the way IT is sold and consumed. Wherever it goes, one thing is certain – the IT channel still needs to make its cut.

But how?

The best way to make your margins is to keep informed of the latest products, trends and sales techniques. Today CRN has launched Stratus, a section on the CRN website which pulls together all the news, case studies, features and reviews that relate to cloud computing.

By reframing the way we write about the technology you sell, we hope to help you discover more opportunities to sell to your customers.

This mini-site is not just about software and services. The cloud still needs to run on devices of some kind, whether mobile or desk-bound. And if you’re building private clouds or supplying cloud services yourself then you’ll need data-centre technology to support them.

We have filed stories on IT hardware, software and services into logical categories according to how they are being sold; cloud services, cloud infrastructure and cloud devices.

Cloud Services covers software-as-a-service, whether targeted at end users, IT administrators or developers. Here you will find reviews of Google Apps, Microsoft 365 and other SaaS products. Hosted IT management software will also be listed here too.

Cloud Infrastructure includes any hardware that you might use to build a cloud service. So servers, networking, storage – the mechanics behind public and private clouds. Platform-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service falls into this category too. 

Cloud Devices represents any computing device that can be used to access cloud computing services. That means mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones and notebooks through to thin clients and desktops. The reach of IT expands every day, so the Cloud Devices category will also include digital signage, IP security cameras and other devices that send and receive data to the cloud.

We at CRN are very excited about the possibilities of cloud computing and the potential it has to transform the way IT is consumed. Already there are many resellers turning this period of transition into one of high profits.

We hope that our constant efforts to cover cloud computing and other developments in IT will make it easier for you to succeed too.



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CRN launches Stratus: Make money from the cloud
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