Windows 8, show us your real face

By William Maher on Feb 10, 2012 8:24 AM
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How far does the tabletisation of the world's most used OS really go? We'll find out soon, it looks like the Windows 8 Consumer Preview will be unveiled on February 29


Like it or loathe it, that garish, green Windows 8 desktop has irritated a section of the desktop PC enthusiast community (if you haven't seen it, take a look here).

What we don't know yet is just how far Microsoft is willing to go with this. For desktop users, there are still a whole lot of unanswered questions. Like whether Metro will be on by default, whether there'll be a way to revive the Start button. Performance is another big one.

What we're not expecting though, is some way of toggling the "classic" interface on permanently.


What some users would prefer to see in Windows 8, by default. (click to enlarge)

We've had plenty of comments from readers about this aspect of Windows 8 - some in favour, some against. This post by avoidz sums up some of the anti-Metro sentiment: "We have keyboards, we have mice, we have desktop monitors. No sane person is going to wave their arms about touching their screen to do work or play. It's a good interface... but not for desktops."

A Windows 8 Consumer Preview event will happen at the international phone and tablet conference, Mobile World Congress - so it's a fair bet that they'll be talking up the tablet-friendly features.

What we're wondering about is what Windows 8 will bring for the PC. Some of these things are faster bootup, application sandboxing, built-in virtualisation, built-in antivirus, and a de-junking feature for refreshing your system. Desktop PC users will know more with the next download preview.

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Windows 8, show us your real face
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