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Windows 10 preview has a keylogger 
Vendor says tracking keystrokes and examining audio input helps improve the OS.
HP SlateBook 14: a standard laptop that runs Android 
Surface Pro 2 gets processor upgrade 
Just three months after release.
Google puts an end to Chrome password snooping 
Protects passwords by asking users to sign in.
Acer's new C7 Chromebook features Haswell and SSD  
Acer's new C7 Chromebooker arrives with Haswell and improved battery life
One developer built a third of BlackBerry apps 
Hong Kong developer has made more than 47,0000 apps for BlackBerry 10
Seagate: hard disk shortage to last a year 
Murdoch: buying MySpace was a "huge mistake" 
News Corp CEO takes responsibility for buying struggling social network
Q&A: What good will a jelly battery do? 
So-called 'jelly batteries' could be set to make gadgets safer, lighter and longer lasting. We speak to a research team about what the polymer 'wonder' gel is capable of.
Update: Turns out IE users might not be so dumb after all 
The top 20 cloud software & apps vendors of 2011  
This is where the true value of cloud computing starts to emerge.
Rabid reseller: Blogged down 
Opinion: Making money for blogs is a lot harder than it looks.
Google gives Chrome 10 beta a turbo boost 
Apple security chief calls for vulnerability tax 
IBM finishes 2010 on a high 
Fourth quarter results for big blue show record revenues.
McDonald's customers' data exposed in hack attack 
The golden arches look slightly tarnished following a customer data theft.
Wozniak: Android is 'for everyone' 
Apple co-founder is backing Android to take-over the smartphone market.
IT as a Service: the virtualisation goal 
The end goal is IT as a Service, according to VMware.
Unified Communications is a 'moving target' 
UC still hasn't achieved widespread adoption.
Aussie file-sharing platform heads for a Frankfurt IPO  
Shares gigabyte video files online without pixelation.
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