Steve Wozniak becomes UTS professor 
Another step in becoming Australian citizen for Apple co-founder “Woz”.
Amcom breaks Cisco record with 13,000-user rollout 
Ignore Microsoft research: don't use weak passwords 
Password managers and strong credentials remain the best way to keep data safe online.
Education booming for TechOne with 50,000 new users 
Universities join forces with data centre co-lo 
Backdoors exposed in Apple App Store 
App could silently tweet, compromise Safari.
Charger can wipe iPhones, install malware 
Study finds bug bounties an economic incentive 
Chrome and Firefox run efficient vuln schemes.
Aussie worker frustration: slow internet 
BYOD looking better and better.
Music could trigger mobile malware 
Heavy bass beats could lead to ownage.
Researchers hack Google Australia's office system 
Web malware overtakes network worms 
Breaches hit 51 critical infrastructure operators in 2012 
Tablets drive Aussies to seek wi-fi hotspots 
Fastest-growing way to access the internet.
HP software bug knocks out printers 
Printing jobs nicked, machines bricked.
Patient details revealed in medical device hack 
DHS steps in, takes ownership of research.
Gaping holes found in GPS 
Critical military, civilian systems at risk.
Malware can steal smartcard PINs 
All 3G devices could be tracked 
Industry watchdog investigates potential vulnerability.
NBN Co clears final hurdle on Optus deal 
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