OneDrive promises faster sync and 10GB file uploads 
Kim Dotcom to go crypto for email 
Promises 'pants' for 'naked' users.
Microsoft eyes remote access to sleepy PCs 
Looks to address cloud trust deficit.
Touch splits Windows 8 users 
Windows users want XP cut, copy, paste... but on touch.
Twitter to open source Storm analytics platform 
Just like Hadoop but for infinite processes.
Dell jumps on heavy analytics with Hadoop 
Joins EMC in big data Hadoop appliance race.
Bit9 Parity Suite 6 
The Bit9 Parity Suite 6 is an endpoint protection solution comprised of a client/server architecture that provides application whitelisting, device control, file integrity ...
HDS launches pay-per-use storage service 
McAfee apologises for security update blunder 
Measures being taken to prevent future problems.
McAfee antivirus update crashes Windows XP 
Users advised to update after crashes reported.
Zeus Trojan resurfaces 
Attacks targets government and military workers.
New Adobe zero-day threat discovered 
McAfee warns of bogus security suite 
Rogue application masquerades as genuine McAfee software.
Industry weighs in on iiNet court case 
Internet Industry Association to intervene.
Skype Trojan can log VoIP conversations 
Virus targets Delphi code compiler 
New malware attack raises eyebrows and reddens faces.
Kazaa goes legit 
P2P network re-launches as music service.
AVG update deletes critical Windows file 
A recent update from antivirus firm AVG has caused havoc with some users by deleting a critical file in non-English versions of Windows XP after incorrectly detecting it as a ...
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