US intercepted UN comms: report 
FBI handed access to Telstra's cables 
Greens furious at 12 year-old deal.
Vic council tapped emails, phone calls to catch litterbugs 
NSA-style program part of war on unregistered pets and litter.
Data breach notification bill deadline missed 
Data retention plans slammed by Senate committee 
Attorney General's Department leaves Senate 'flying blind'.
PRISM doesn't kill privacy 
Opinion: Don't confuse privacy for secrecy.
Aussies likely caught in PRISM 
Ludlam seeks judicial oversight of telco surveillance 
Spy laws get revised by NZ government 
Hand forced by illegal Dotcom intercepts.
Police want data held 'indefinitely' 
Skype fixes leaky instant message bug 
Telstra stops mobile tracking 
Privacy Commissioner mulls investigation.
Telstra admits to tracking mobile users  
Govt wants public vote on data retention 
Back-door negotiations reach public sphere.
No relief for iPhone theft victims 
Replacement phone won't protect iMessages from thieves.
Phone bug leaked accounts from bank branch 
Cleaner installed wiretap to steal card numbers and PIN numbers.
Pentagon eyes social spread of unrest 
Algorithms to spot potential uprisings.
Powertel sues over spy system spat 
System struggles to tap customer data.
How to intercept Skype calls 
Linguists bypass encryption and rebuild conversations base on speech patterns.
Skype buy heralds wiretaps, Linux death 
And will the buy be the death of cross-platform video conferencing?
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