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Sharp to axe 3,000 jobs 
Japan hammered, but 2,000 more could be cut in international ops.
Australian company lands Japanese distie 
NetComm Wireless devices to control vending machines.
Ghosts of laptops past: This cost $3,000? 
Costing several thousand dollars, with insanely tiny keys - meet the poster child of tiny laptops in the 1990s.
Japan and Europe co-fund 100Gpbs network research 
Apple applies to register 'iWatch' trademark in Japan 
Fujitsu Australia turns 40 
Cloud pioneer has grown from 100 to 5,000 staff.
NZ's SMX to become big(..ger) in Japan  
In pictures: Inside a Japanese PC shop 
80 PC shops within only a couple of square kilometres.
Sony to sack staff, shutter Japan plant 
In pictures: Inside Lenovo's Yamato lab 
CRN was allowed in for a behind the scenes tour of the myriad endurance tests Lenovo’s products undergo before they see the light of day.
In pictures: 20 years of the ThinkPad 
It’s been 7 years since Lenovo bought IBM’s PC division and there’s no doubt that the legacy of the iconic ThinkPad, developed by Big Blue 20 years ago, is ...
Future tech - moving touchscreens 
Japan debuts moveable screen tech.
New rare earth mine in WA tilts playing field against China 
Could supply 14 percent of world's rare earth needs for computers, mobiles and high-def' TVs.
Pacific may hold key to 'rare earth' quandary 
Fujitsu, Microsoft to launch Azure cloud 
First data centre to be hosted in Japan with charges starting from 6 cents an hour.
Panasonic to sack 17,000 worldwide 
Effects of global restructure on Australia unknown at this stage.
Aftershock: High-tech production slows in Japan 
Analysts measure IT impact of Tohoku disaster.
Symantec launches marketing call centre 
Synnex: Japan disaster could impact finished goods availability 
Synnex expects at least a mild impact on some component availability.
Japan crisis sends component prices soaring 
NAND and DRAM prices have abruptly headed north following Japan's earthquake and tsunami disaster.
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