Edward Snowden considering return to US 
Wants to come home if he can get a fair trial.
Sydney Uni staff protest online 'spying' 
WikiLeaks repels DDoS attacks 
WikiLeaks suffers massive DDoS 
Ongoing attack by new nemesis.
WikiLeaks unleashes Stratfor email trove 
Up to five million alleged messages under microscope.
Pictures: How the internet went black for SOPA 
Major websites censored... or drop off the internet altogether.
US Gov orders infosec lock-down post Wikileaks 
Assange predicts balkanised agencies will fail.
WikiLeaks pleads for cash after cyber attack 
Whistle-blowing website calls for donations to stave off DoS attacks.
Cable: US pressured EU to approve Oracle-Sun merger 
Leak reveals US Government lobbied on behalf of Oracle.
Ex-WikiLeaks insider kills high value leaks 
Some US bank breathes a sigh of relief.
WikiLeaks threatens to sue Visa, MasterCard    
Danish maritime court action planned in coming days.
Hackers swipe military personnel details 
Names, email addresses and service details stolen.
Brennan IT rolls out Arbor's Peakflow as SecureView service 
White-labelled managed service to keep out the hacktivists.
PM briefed a dozen times on WikiLeaks 
No plan to shut down whistleblowing site.
 Assange's Swedish lawyer under investigation 
US cable throws more mud at Huawei 
Wikileaks founder Assange loses extradition appeal  
Assange’s lawyer attempted to mislead court.
Egyptians turn to Tor to organise dissent online 
US Senate to debate 'internet kill switch' to give Obama powers like Mubarak's.
Swiss WikiLeaker gets $7.5k fine 
No jail time for "revenge" leak.
Former Swiss banker pushed to WikiLeaks 
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