US telco faces $100 million fine for misleading 'unlimited' data plans 
Aussie 'net speeds 'peak' above 26 Mbps for the first time 
Vodafone pushes 4G to 67 Mbps 
Data speed tests in Sydney's east.
Telstra to offer 4G global roaming 
Google offers to rewrite web to make it faster 
700 DVDs down one laser beam in a second 
Single source technique expected to deliver efficiency and capacity gains.
Internode touts Power Packs for upload 
Graphics chips break supercomputing speed barrier 
Nvidia GPUs make Chinese number cruncher top of the petaflops
Opera claims speed gains with 10.60 beta 
Latest browser adds geo-location and enhanced HTML5 support.
Australian internet fails pigeon test 
A pigeon has transferred 700MB at a faster rate than Telstra ADSL.
Google seeks tips to speed the web 
Sanyo promises 100GB Blu-ray discs 
Japanese electronics firm Sanyo has announced a new type of blue laser diode, which it said could double the capacity of existing Blu-ray discs to 100GB.
Sanyo promises 100GB Blu-ray discs 
Double capacity and faster write speeds, claims firm.
Otellini: PCs are the new time machines 
Intel chief executive Paul Otellini has hailed the PC as a 'time machine', which allows users to predict the future and examine the past.
Ultra-fast, next-gen RAM could yield PCs that boot instantly 
Scientists in Germany have developed next-generation Magnetic Random Access Memory (MRAM) that is said to operate as fast as fundamental speed limits allow.
SATA doubles its speed - again 
IDF San Francisco: SATA 3 at 6 Gb/s; Powered eSATA
SMEs value broadband service over speed 
Small firms consider broadband speed the least important factor when choosing an ISP, according to a new UK survey.
Aussie invention could give ADSL huge speed boost 
An Australian scientist claims to have found a way to boost the data rate of standard ADSL by a factor of 100 by reducing background transmission "noise"..
Telstra brings wireless broadband up to speed 
Telstra has turbocharged the speed of its mobile broadband services, launching new broadband cards capable of download speeds up to 6 Mbps and upload speeds up to 1.3 Mbps.
Printing at warp speed 
Printing in colour is no longer a time-consuming process
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