Windows 8
The next-generation operating system has a lot riding on its success.
What you'll lose in Windows 10 
Final specs for Microsoft's latest OS.
Kogan launches $329 Windows laptop 
Windows 8.1 device priced in Chromebook territory.
10 things we learned this week  
Windows 9 is the patch everyone is waiting for.
Windows 8 adoption screeches to a halt 
Adoption rates for beleaguered OS coming to an abrupt stop.
10 things we learned this week  
Seven really is the magic number.
Android to get Office before Windows 8 
Report suggests Microsoft will release Office for Android this year.
10 things we learned this week 
FBI, Lion King and spending time with Germans.
See the new Windows 8.1 Update screenshots 
Has Microsoft bridged the metro vs desktop divide?
Australia continues global lead in dumping XP 
Microsoft to backtrack in coming Windows update 
Reveals plans to welcome back Start menu.
HP brings back Windows 7 PCs 
HP discounts PCs customised with Windows 7, saying customers were asking for them.
Windows 9 reportedly coming next year 
Major announcement about the next version of Windows is being tipped for April.
Should Microsoft make Windows free? 
Apple got it right, analyst claims.
Will Microsoft bring back the Start menu? 
Could make up for controversial omission.
Software-savvy Microsoft still figuring out hardware 
Windows 8 gains are anaemic as XP holds 
Users resist upgrading to Microsoft's revamped OS.
Windows RT uncertainty hits education 
Microsoft could leave schools wanting if RT is ditched.
Windows XP infection rates "six times higher" than Windows 8 
Get off XP before April or face higher infection risks.
Windows "won't get another major update until 2015" 
Next Windows refresh might be delayed, a report claims.
Aussie resellers' verdict on Windows 8.1 
Channel "betting the business" on Microsoft's make-or-break update.
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