Juniper Networks challenges the inherent complexity that comes with networking and security in the multicloud era. We are dedicated to building the best networks with products, solutions and services that power connections and empower change globally. We simplify the process of transitioning to a secure and automated multicloud environment to enable AI-driven networks that connect the world. Together with our partners, we solve the world’s most difficult problems in networking, enabling customers to focus on growing their business. We are committed to giving our partners an extraordinary program experience to expand their business, reach new opportunities, and increase their profitability

Partner Tiers

What tiers does your partner program offer?

The Juniper Partner Advantage program has 3 partner levels – Elite, Select & Reseller.

Products and Services

What products and services constitute your main offerings (the main offerings you sell to channel partners)

Cyber Security, Security (Physical), Data Centre, Networking Hardware, Public Cloud

Deal Registration

Do you offer Deal Registration?


Eligibility and Requirements

What are the requirements for partners to join your channel program?

To join the Juniper partner program all you need to do is visit, scroll down the page and click ‘Become a Partner’, complete the form, agree to our Terms & Conditions and the registration is submitted. The application will be reviewed by our teams and once the review is completed, the partner will receive a VAR-ID which will allow them to contact one of our distributors to engage in onboarding and product ordering.

Training and Certification

Do you offer training and certification to your partners?