Micro Focus

Micro Focus is one of the world’s largest enterprise software providers. We help customers digitally transform their organisation and achieve growth,profitability,and customer-satisfaction objectives while maintaining the ability to optimise their underlying business processes and overall business spend. We are at the heart of billions of transactions around the globe and serve a central role in thousands of business-critical functions like testing,process automation,storage,infrastructure optimisation,security,compliance,and more. Backed by a deep analytics ecosystem,Micro Focus combines a wide range of trusted and proven products and solutions with customer-centric innovation to deliver the speed,agility,security,and insights necessary to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace.

Partner Tiers

What tiers does your partner program offer?


Products and Services

What products and services constitute your main offerings (the main offerings you sell to channel partners)

Collaboration, Cyber Security, Hybrid Cloud, IoT, Networking Software, Software (Cloud), Software (On-Premises), Other

Deal Registration

Do you offer Deal Registration?


Eligibility and Requirements

What are the requirements for partners to join your channel program?

Authorized channel partners through an application and approval process at: at: https://microfocuspartner.force.com/s/ Platinum & Gold Channel Partners do have Sales & Technical certifications requirements plus sales commitment thresholds. Channel partners are assigned as Micro Focus Channel Partners following an approval process.

Training and Certification

Do you offer training and certification to your partners?