Vertiv continues to drive innovation and investment in our products, solutions and our people. Our portfolio covers the entire data centre ecosystem, from edge to core, from cloud to on premise and everything in-between. In conjunction with our partners, we can offer fully integrated, centrally controlled solutions to drive customers’ digital transformations or their overall IT infrastructure needs. We also have the highest number of talented support engineers and service teams in our industry across Australia.

Partner Tiers

What tiers does your partner program offer?

Partners are classified according to different tier levels: Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and Black Diamond. Each tier corresponds to access to different benefits, such as rebates and trainings. Those who achieve the coveted status of being a Vertiv Black Diamond Partner – the highest tier in the partner status – will get exclusive access to benefits, participate in executive meetings, and attend global channel conferences.

Products and Services

What products and services constitute your main offerings (the main offerings you sell to channel partners)

Data Centre

Deal Registration

Do you offer Deal Registration?


Eligibility and Requirements

What are the requirements for partners to join your channel program?

Vertiv's partner program is a free online sign up, and there are no prerequisites required.

Training and Certification

Do you offer training and certification to your partners?