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Building a brand: Why it’s important and how you can do it

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Building a brand: Why it’s important and how you can do it

As customers become more informed, and the avenues of selling continue to change, there is one part of business that always remains the same — the importance of a strong brand.

If you’re just launching a business, or are in need of a brand refresh, here are my top insights on why branding matters, and my foolproof approach to building a successful one.

What is branding?

When you think of branding, you most likely think of logos, design styles and taglines. But branding is so much more — it encompasses a way of distinguishing your brand in the market, and in the arena of client experience.

Everything from the way your brand represents itself on social media, to the way your team answers the phone sits firmly within the purview of branding.

Why branding matters

Building a brand is critical to your business success for multiple reasons.

Brand awareness and trust - A brand with consistent visuals, messaging, and representation is easier for customers to recall, and deemed more trustworthy.

Employee morale and engagement - Employees who are proud of the brand they work for will be more productive, have lower turnover, and encourage their talented colleagues to join your team as well.

Business value - Investors know that strong branding impacts brand performance and the value it provides to your business. They’re more likely to invest with and engage with your brand if it has a consistent, solid message.

5 tips to build your brand

If you’re building your brand from the ground up, or undergoing a brand re-fresh, it’s a good idea to start from scratch. This will provide your business with an even ground from which to successfully build a strong brand.

1. Establish who you’re talking to

Look at the demographics of who your target audience is. If your business is selling shoes to people 50+, it will look and sounds different from a business selling shoes to millennials. Part of this activity in establishing your audience is understanding what they want and need, and how your business can fill that gap. This can help inform the direction you should take.

2. Build out your sound

Understanding how you want your brand to sound is critical in the brand journey. Jot down how you want to talk to your customers, and also what you want to avoid. These ideas should then be rolled out across all the branding communication you do.

3. Establish your business name, or re-look at your tagline

The work you’ve done looking at your audience and your tone will help you to funnel what your brand actually offers into a brand name. And if you’re an established business with a brand name, maybe use this as an opportunity to re-look at your tagline, to reposition your brand. This is also a great opportunity to establish your mission, values, and messaging for the wider brand.

4. Create your brand look and feel

Now here’s the real fun — exploring how your brand looks in the logo, in colour, and typography. This is where you can really see your brand come to life. How does it look on social media? What happens to the size of your logo on a business card? This work is integral to your brand and ensuring consistency across all the work you do.

5. Ensure the values and essence of your brand can be felt everywhere

When it comes to rolling out your brand — ensure it’s across every touchpoint your customer interacts with your brand. The client experience is integral to the success of your business. A complete brand experience will provide customers with a positive view of your brand.

At Pounce Marketing, we’ve helped to create and establish the branding of businesses in all shapes and sizes — from established organisations  to startup Managed Service Providers.  If you’d like to see what a new branding could do for your business and need some help getting started, don’t hesitate to get in touch on LinkedIn.

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