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How MSSPs can reap the benefits of recurring revenue with Fortinet

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How MSSPs can reap the benefits of recurring revenue with Fortinet
The Security Fabric enables organizations to achieve their digital innovations outcomes without compromise by delivering a true cybersecurity platform.
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Cloud security has never been more important. Disparate workforces, operating remotely, have become normal, the internet of (poorly secured) things continues to proliferate and it will likely accelerate exponentially with the growth of 5G. Furthermore, SD-WAN is creating more end points that need securing and scammers are taking advantage of global disasters at unprecedented levels.  

With this background, it’s never been more important for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) to ensure that they have the right security partner. It’s natural to want to look around to find the best top-shelf individual components to add to your own service offering. However, figuring out how to tie multiple products together and form a comprehensive, easily consumable service can take years and it puts you at a competitive disadvantage from the very beginning. It also condemns you to ongoing, time-consuming and expensive complexities, born from continual upgrades, as individual products evolve and change and stop working with partner applications. It’s far simpler and more effective (and profitable) to find a single, trustworthy partner that can provide a clear, end-to-end offering, that is self-maintained and can leave you to focus on growing your business... not just keeping your own engine running. This is where Fortinet’s Security Fabric solution comes into its own. It offers a single-point-of-access and single-sign-on (SSO) solution which reduces the complexity of multi-cloud deployments. 

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