In the low-latency cloud era, connectivity makes all the difference

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In the low-latency cloud era, connectivity makes all the difference

Wholesale telecommunications provider 5GN is expanding its network to fill the telco market gap by expanding its national dark fibre network, IP transit, direct multi-cloud connectivity, and accredited domestic data centres, ensuring you can reach your data when you need it.

5GN’s Tier 3 data centres in Australia’s major capital cities offer N+2 redundancy to maximise uptime, providing robust data protection and availability whilst ensuring customer expectations of security and data sovereignty.

Data Sovereignty, in particular, is proving to be a critical capability as 5G Networks pursues certification under the federal government’s Hosting Certification Framework, which aims to minimise sovereign risk by maintaining and securing crucial data and services onshore.

Leveraging more than 20 years of market experience, 5G Networks infrastructure is directly connected to a range of private and public cloud providers, delivering low-latency interconnection, at the speed of light via dark fibre to more than 50 data centres across the country.

5GN’s CloudPort Services Network – which links customers with multiple cloud environments, data centres and network services through a single hub – also extends to New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, and the United States, ensuring all-fibre connectivity straight from end-users’ Australian data centres to their affiliates and partners around the world.

As the adoption of cloud services continue to soar on the back of the pandemic-era surge in digital transformation – Gartner has predicted public cloud spending will approach $693 billion ($US500b) globally, this year. Seamless interconnectivity into and among cloud platforms is now crucial for managed service providers (MSPs) and other wholesalers.

“Major wholesale customers such as managed service providers, carriers, network operators and retail service providers are looking for robust, reliable services that they can utilise to meet their customers’ needs,” said Hassan Shah, Data Network and Data Centres Product Manager with 5G Networks.

“They recognise the value of our infrastructure to provide their customers with easy access to global markets or public cloud players like Microsoft Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.”

“Because we have direct connectivity to those platforms, 5GN can provide our partners with a comprehensive network platform on top of that.”

A range of options

The increasing demands made by customers and users of their telecommunications infrastructure has seen providers looking for a wholesale telecommunications partner that can equally service both on-premises and data centre solutions.

It’s a trend that is likely to continue for the long term, Gartner anticipates, with data centre systems spending increasing by 5.8 percent this year – slower than the 20.4 percent growth of the public cloud market, but still strong enough that end users will look to Managed Service Providers that can meet their increasingly complex interconnectivity requirements.

5GN Wholesale’s recent investments in management technology – including state-of-the-art battery management and UPS systems, enhanced building management systems and biometric security – have allowed the company to support wholesale partners with a suite of reliable, high-speed core products including Wavelength, IP Transit, CloudPort, Ethernet, Cloud Connect, Carrier Connect and Dark Fibre.

Such services are crucial as integration partners design supporting and interconnecting infrastructure that maximises performance and minimises latency of cloud applications that require smooth orchestration across widely-dispersed components.

Dark fibre, provides dedicated fibre-optic capacity that delivers wholesale partners with secure, scalable infrastructure for their customer requirements.

Backed by our 24/7 in-house support team and underpinned by an SLA defined escalation process and the technical expertise of our Network Engineering Team, combined with 5GN Wholesale ‘smart hands’ service in all 5GN Data Centres, where remote customers can direct on-site technicians for any operational work, ensure complete control is in your hands.

Building the ultimate digital ecosystem

It’s all part of a strategy to support 5GN Wholesale’s growing ecosystem with what Shah refers to as a comprehensive digital solution built around the needs of our partners/ customers.

“At 5GN, we have an edge because we own and run our physical infrastructure using the most innovative technology, across every major city of Australia,” said Shah.

5GN Wholesale is currently offering three high performance digital services to their partners/ customers:

5GN Wholesale is committed to providing our partners/ customers access to secure high-performance technology. Hence, we are currently completing our ISO 27001 certification efforts for the Brisbane and Perth 5GN Data Centre facilities to bring them in line with our other capital city facilities.

With its broad range of services, interconnectivity and redundancy capabilities, Shah is confident that the company’s investments to date will position it well for continued growth in telecommunications and cloud adoption across the government and private sectors.

Hosting Certification Framework certification (HCF) “is central to our success and a main priority for us at the moment,” he said. “It’s crucial to growing our business, and a reminder to our partners of the commitment we have made to deliver an unrivalled package of network connectivity to the fast-growing digital world in Australia.”

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