Why rock-solid MSPs services require unified infrastructure monitoring

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Why rock-solid MSPs services require unified infrastructure monitoring

The availability of network services goes hand in hand with the availability of IT services. For Managed Service Provider (MSPs), customer satisfaction is crucial, so there is no room for unavailable or non-functional networks. The challenge of having everything up and running with multiple customer networks to manage and potentially hundreds or thousands of different network hosts is endless without a unified infrastructure monitoring solution in place.

PRTG is a comprehensive network monitoring tool that monitors every aspect of an IT infrastructure, including firewalls, switches, servers, applications, and virtual environments. Its intuitive and user-friendly interface makes monitoring easy for MSPs and their customers, because it alerts them promptly so they can take action before crashes arise.

By partnering with monitoring vendor Paessler, MSPs like Acurus can enjoy high availability by using PRTG infrastructure monitoring to keep a constant eye on their customers’ entire networks. This can be provided by on-premise software or via Paessler’s hosted monitoring service via the cloud.

How Acurus deploys PRTG to its customers

Melbourne based MSP Acurus provides internet and carriage services to its customers through its own national private ISP network, for which real-time monitoring and ongoing network management is provided by Paessler PRTG via its Network Operations Centre (NOC).

Acurus provides monitoring as a service (MaaS) for its managed private network to quickly pinpoint any issues, ensuring they don’t impact the performance of the technology services its clients’ deliver to end consumers.

Acurus needs to monitor its ports, switches, routers, WAN, LAN, applications, servers, hardware, bandwidth, storage, firewalls, hard drives and also virtual environments.

Maintaining segregation and read-only access to its customers’ probes was important to Acurus. PRTG was able to provide a granular permissions policy, assisting the company in providing its monitoring services to customers while ensuring their security and privacy.

A strong, long-term partnership with Paessler has helped Acurus prove its value as a rock-solid managed network services provider.

Acurus uses PRTG to ensure core IT infrastructure and network availability and optimum performance, measure network bandwidth usage and detect issues with Active Directory and detailed queries. PRTG also monitors firewall interfaces and MSSQL server performance for Acurus, and checks the availability and performance of custom applications and public cloud services like AWS and Microsoft Azure services, which can be subject to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).

PRTG provides full visibility of customer systems, including how bandwidth is being used and which endpoints and applications have the highest usage. By providing customers with these comprehensive monitoring features through PRTG, Acurus offers a 360-degree view of customer ICT availability and performance, allowing them to focus on running their businesses.

The benefits of PRTG for MSPs

Every PRTG license comes with a full range of features for MSPs and enables them to offer MaaS to their clients, providing MSPs with new business opportunities and additional revenue streams.

More than 500,000 sysadmins and MSPs worldwide rely on PRTG to monitor the availability of their systems, applications and networks. PRTG can be used as a stand-alone monitoring solution or as a perfect complement to RMM software.

The overall benefit for MSPs of partnering with Paessler is that they have the flexibility to provide PRTG monitoring to their customers either on-premise or hosted monitoring via the cloud with PRTG Hosted Monitor, which caters to the different needs of their end-users and customers.

MSPs can use any version of PRTG. If they choose PRTG Network Monitor, they will have to set up and run the core server themselves. PRTG Hosted Monitor runs in the cloud and allows for quick and easy upgrades.

PRTG Enterprise Monitor is the perfect choice for MSPs that need to monitor the networks of several big customers. It also provides greater flexibility as MSPs can install a PRTG core server for each customer (which is recommended when monitoring large networks).

To find out how you can elevate your customer transformation journey with PRTG, email sales@paessler.com or visit www.paessler.com.

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