Identity & Access Management

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Identity & Access Management
As the shift to cloud computing changes the way businesses operate, your customers’ critical data – and the personal information of their end-users – is more at risk than ever. Businesses need to have an identity solution that can span the cloud and on-premise application landscape – LastPass Identity meets that need.
Without the right identity management solutions, your customers are leaving themselves – and the consumers they serve – at risk to vulnerabilities being exposed.
That’s because employees often use the same easy-to-guess passwords for personal and business use. Hackers compromise vulnerable systems and harvest these passwords by the hundreds or millions – and, unless your customers have implemented appropriate Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) capabilities, those passwords are all that hackers need to walk undetected through the front door of your clients’ information systems.
LogMeIn’s Identity & Access Management (IAM) portfolio gives you the tools to help your customers protect against the vulnerabilities caused by poor password habits – and to securely access remote systems and resources in a way that protects their data and systems.
LastPass password manager securely stores all of a user’s passwords, allowing them to create and use complex and unique passwords that they don’t need to remember – and which hackers will never be able to guess. LastPass SSO removes the need for a password for every application, by putting applications behind a single log-in page, and the LastPass MFA prompts users to confirm that they are who they claim to be via push notification or via biometric request. 
The LastPass business lineup of Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offerings provide crucial functionality for helping your customers manage access to on-premise and cloud services and applications.
For managing remote computers and automating routine IT tasks LogMeIn Central provides a market leading solution, while Pro provides anywhere, anytime access to users’ devices, files, applications, and desktops.
Secure your customers
Whether you act as an agent for LogMeIn’s IAM offerings or take control by integrating them into your customer solutions, you’ll find that they offer a great conversation starter for businesses that are understandably concerned about the security of their data and systems.
Because they apply to LogMeIn products as well as other cloud-based platforms, our IAM tools naturally segue into a broader discussion.
Even if your clients are focused on our Customer Engagement & Support or Unified Communications & Collaboration products, it’s a small step to steer that conversation into the world of identity management and remote-access security.
After all, security is everyone’s business – and by tapping into LogMeIn’s IAM capabilities, it will be part of yours, too.
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