Transition your customers to a new way of working

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Transition your customers to a new way of working
It’s a simple question whose answer hasn’t always been so simple. Businesses have invested extensively in systems to support their employees, and they have also invested time and effort in helping those workers make the most of those systems.
Change, however, has exposed weaknesses in old ways of working and introduced friction that hinders collaboration across organisational boundaries.
Employees are doing more on their mobile devices than ever before, and cloud-based applications recognise this by providing them with frictionless services that let them focus on getting their jobs done.
Cloud services just work – and as a company providing value-added services to businesses across a range of industries, you’ve probably had this conversation with customers a hundred times or more.
All of those customers want the best tools for their employees, and by extension for their businesses. However, many are cautious about changing the way they operate. Capital-constrained businesses can’t afford to commit to yet another monolithic productivity suite.
Despite all this, customers still want better answers to their questions about improving the way they work – and now you have one to give them.
The new LogMeIn
For many years, LogMeIn has been building up a portfolio cloud-based products that address three of the most important aspects of online working today.
Acquisitions of numerous companies have given us an extensive range of tools that simplify the way your customers’ employees interact with each other and the world around them.
Our portfolio now includes 18 products spread across three major lines of business – Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), Customer Engagement & Support (CES), and Identity & Access Management (IAM).
These solutions range from facilitating online meetings, webinars and training to technical-support and remote diagnostic tools, to market-leading security offerings that protect any business by enabling stronger, more effective protection of online services and data.
Whether taken separately or together, our technologies help reduce the friction of everyday collaboration. And, by bringing them into your customer conversations, you gain a powerful toolbox of value-added components.
With LogMeIn, your customers can take a big step into the new world of online collaboration, backed by the knowledge that they can do so more securely – and with better support – than ever before.
Spanning key markets
Each of the key markets where LogMeIn operates has been growing dramatically in recent years – promising significant opportunities for your business.
For example, market analysis firm Synergy Research looked at enterprise spending on UCC solutions over the past decade and identified a clear, long-running shift away from on-premises products.
Such tools comprised 69 percent of the market in 2009, but had plummeted to just 32 percent of that market in 2019. Hosted and cloud-based solutions, by contrast, increased from 31 percent of the market to 68 percent in the same time.
The IAM market continues to grow, with Identity as a Service (IDaaS) offerings giving businesses a way to improve the management of critical access credentials – and to compensate for employees’ historically problematic security habits.
Many users habitually reuse their passwords across work and personal lives, with the recent LogMeIn Global Password Security Report finding that the average employee reuses their password 13 times. 
“Static credentials are the keys [and] password managers and two-factor authentication are the spool pins in the lock,” the authors of Verizon’s Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) 2019 noted amidst findings that 80% of hacking-related breaches involved compromised and weak credentials.
LogMeIn’s expanding IDaaS capabilities offer an easy-to-use, secure as-a-service solution to this problem – not only providing more robust password management, but a platform for companies to enforce broader IAM policies across on-premises and cloud environments.
Our LastPass Business solutions provide the tools that enterprises need to build such policy-based access management and authentication – including LastPass Enterprise’s Single Sign-On (SSO), with over 1200 pre-integrated applications; LastPass MFA for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for Passwordless user experience and Adaptive Authentication; and LastPass Identity, which combines the three capabilities to provide a comprehensive view of end-user activity.
IDaaS solutions offer partners a broad range of capabilities in the fast-growing identity management space, with market analysts forecasting healthy annual growth as businesses of all sizes embrace IDaaS solutions for their sophistication and ease of use.
The CES business, LogMeIn’s third core business area, offers equally significant opportunities to bolster security with a host of remote support, training and customer engagement capabilities.
AI-based tools like Bold360 bring together AI chatbots and human support – making sure your clients’ customers and their employees get the help they need the first time, every time – while apps like LogMeIn Rescue enable visual troubleshooting to help you help your customers better than ever.
We’re there as you need us
After years of refining our value proposition and product offering, LogMeIn has the solutions and capabilities to help customers work without boundaries, wherever they are.
Each of our products addresses a specific need, and integrates with other solutions in the LogMeIn family to provide seamless service support and data exchange.
By integrating our products into your go-to-market strategy, you can bolster your product and service offerings and better support your own customers.
It’s all thanks to a flexible partner model that makes it easy to unlock your customers’ full potential with limitless growth and frictionless technology.
By working together, we can create new opportunities to tap into key growth markets – and help your customers unlock their full potential.
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