We are partners for your success

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We are partners for your success
As a provider of cloud-based solutions, LogMeIn’s product range is easy to sell, commission, and support.
With our products aligned around three core areas – Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC), Customer Engagement & Support (CES) and Identity & Access Management (IAM) – we give you a broad range of capabilities that can enhance the value-added solutions you develop and maintain for your customers.
To help you make the most of our products, we maintain a strong partner program that offers generous incentives and ongoing support, ensuring that you can always identify and execute on opportunities to integrate our offerings into your customer solutions.
That translates into new, more predictable revenue streams from subscription cloud-application models, recently identified by Synergy Research as outselling on-premises UCC solutions by a factor of 2 to 1.
Transitioning to an opex-based cloud model from capex-based legacy licensing and support structures takes time and effort, but the new model offers extensive benefits for customers and a significantly easier solution for integration partners. 
By building up a base of contracted subscription revenues, you have the confidence of long-term income that can expand as customers add more LogMeIn products to the mix. That makes your business more predictable, your pipeline more reliable, and your resources easier to manage.
Supporting you through the deal
LogMeIn is committed to your success by helping you better service your own customers with relevant, effective solutions across our product range.
Our SAAS Partner Program (SPP) is a key part of that commitment, providing a range of incentives and support resources to help you deliver a joint value proposition that incorporates products from across the LogMeIn portfolio.
The program offers two broad models.
The first, Agent, allows you to sell products with no value-add, which are billed by LogMeIn and require minimal involvement from you other than collecting your ongoing commissions. Almost any integrator can be an Agent, leveraging LogMeIn’s product portfolio as an addition to your existing product and service relationship.
The second model, designed for value-added resellers (VARs) and system integrators, supports more-complex engagements with partners who want to handle all aspects of the customer relationship – integration, billing, support and more – themselves.
VARs may also want to invest in software development and integration, linking our tools with other cloud-based platforms using our extensive library of application programming interfaces (APIs).
Partners are all supported through enablement sessions that teach you the ins and outs of our products, as well as helping you spot potential opportunities to integrate them into customer environments.
They also have access to LogMeIn’s extensive regional sales team, including product and technology experts ready to help you during business needs analysis, solution design, and finalising the deal.
We operate a dedicated partner portal that simplifies the process of quoting on LogMeIn products. It also allows you to register potential customer opportunities in the portal, ensuring that LogMeIn doesn’t sell into those customers but engages directly with you throughout the process.
LogMeIn’s partner support is about more than just closing the deal, however.
Many of the products include dedicated 24/7 support. And a dedicated Customer Success team provides end-user training to help your customers make the most of the products throughout their lifecycle.
We also regularly work with partners to help with their own marketing activities, providing financial and creative support to assist partners in building and selling the LogMeIn story.
This can be extremely helpful for partners that have the existing customer relationships but want to focus their resources on supporting their customers more than on broad marketing campaigns.
“We have a program that can mould into whatever type of partner you are,” says Yvette McEnearney, APAC head of the UCC Business Unit with LogMeIn.
“Because we have these solutions that are interrelated, partners have a much broader solution to take to market. We love combining our resources with partners’ to sell the full LogMeIn story.”
Partner incentives
Although LogMeIn also sells some solutions direct to market, we ensure that we offer customers the same pricing as they would get through our partners.
Since your relationship with your customers already involves existing products and services, they will probably prefer to source their LogMeIn elements from you because you can wrap the new solutions into your existing service arrangements.
We offer a range of incentives to support your efforts, including lucrative spiffs on our UCC offerings that are based on the length of the contract.
Signing a 12-month contract with a customer, for example, gives you an upfront bonus of 3 times the monthly recurring revenue (MRR) as well as your commission. The multiplier increases along with the length of the contract.
We also use lifetime performance tracking to reward high-achieving partners with a range of travel and other incentives.
Given that many of our products sell themselves – LastPass, for example, is recognised as a significant security tool for any environment while businesses quickly recognise the value of Bold360 for improving customer service – partnering with us is a win-win-win situation.
You win by being able to offer customers a broader range of solutions that are easy to sell, integrate, and support, while we win from growing our user base and supporting further expansion of the product portfolio.
Most of all, your customers win by gaining access to LogMeIn’s broad suite of products – providing frictionless technology for unlocking the potential of their businesses.
With our help, they can work without boundaries – transforming to grasp the full potential of the future.
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