AWS brings 60TB flash instances to Australia

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AWS brings 60TB flash instances to Australia

AWS has brought a new EC2 instance type to Australia, and it’s a monster.

The EC2 I3en instance type runs a Skylake Xeon at up to 3.1GHz, plus up to 100 Gbps networking bandwidth, 96 vCPUs, and 768 GiB of RAM.

But the headline act is storage, which goes from 1.25TB of low-latency NVMe to 60 terabytes, all of it capable of up to 2 million random IOPS at 4 KB block sizes and up to 16 GB/s of sequential disk throughput.

They’re not cheap. The 60TB instance costs $13.08 an hour and even the runt of the litter is $0.271 an hour. But they’re cheaper than other AWS storage-intense instance types in the I3 family, suggesting some lovely new hardware under the skin.

AWS reckons you’ll appreciate their sheer data-wrangling power for “data-intensive workloads such as relational and NoSQL databases, distributed file systems, search engines, and data warehousing.”

Let's finish with a look at all the instance types in the I3en family.

Instance Name vCPUs
Memory Local Storage
Random Read IOPS
(4 K Block)
Read Throughput
(128 K Block)
EBS-Optimized Bandwidth Network Bandwidth
i3en.large 2 16 GiB 1 x 1.25 TB 42.5 K 325 MB/s Up to 3,500 Mbps Up to 25 Gbps
i3en.xlarge 4 32 GiB 1 x 2.50 TB 85 K 650 MB/s Up to 3,500 Mbps Up to 25 Gbps
i3en.2xlarge 8 64 GiB 2 x 2.50 TB 170 K 1.3 GB/s Up to 3,500 Mbps Up to 25 Gbps
i3en.3xlarge 12 96 GiB 1 x 7.5 TB 250 K 2 GB/s Up to 3,500 Mbps Up to 25 Gbps
i3en.6xlarge 24 192 GiB 2 x 7.5 TB 500 K 4 GB/s 3,500 Mbps 25 Gbps
i3en.12xlarge 48 384 GiB 4 x 7.5 TB 1 M 8 GB/s 7,000 Mbps 50 Gbps
i3en.24xlarge 96 768 GiB 8 x 7.5 TB 2 M 16 GB/s 14,000 Mbps 100 Gbps
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