IBM data centres cut consumption

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IBM data centres cut consumption
Unsurprisingly, IBM wants us to know that these new data centers, along with the firm’s latest storage virtualisation software, will cut energy consumption levels by half, compared to the ones already in place.

The company claimes that the updated software will let clients get on with more business data consolidation, allowing managers to manage things more efficiently. Not only that, but IBM is also touting the new software as an instant fix to boosting utilisation rates, energy efficiency, availability, and even scalability of critical applications.

IBM claims its new System Storage SAN Volume Controller (SVC) 4.3 software will assist companies to significantly improve their “flexibility and responsiveness” through the creation of consolidated, virtual pools of information.

The argument for storage virtualisation runs that the technology reduces the need for more physical storage hardware systems, thus ultimately reducing overall energy guzzleage by the data center. IBM has as enshrining it as one of its five pillars (commandments) of Project Big Green.

Project Big Green definitely lives up to one part of its name, with IBM’s Enterprise Modular Data Center sized up to between 1500 and 6096 square meters.

Because they are not exactly compact, IBM has suggested that firms buy the centres when undergoing new construction. But the company is also offering a portable data centre option for those who like their storage “to-go”.
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