Integ Group invites partners to rate staff

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Integ Group invites partners to rate staff

Systems integrator Integ Group has introduced a scheme to shift its staff mindset from technical problem-solving to human interaction with partners and customers.

The firm, which is owned by UXC, created the scheme after putting its employees through the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument (HBDI) assessment.

HBDI identifies preferred thinking styles, impacts on thinking under stress and the kinds of thinking that an employee and/or the team avoids.

The results are depicted in a four-colour quadrant: blue (logical / actual), yellow (big picture / solutions-oriented / synthesising), red (interpersonal / emotional) and green (planning / organising / sequencing information).

The assessment of Integ employees highlighted that almost half "showed the strongest preference from the blue quadrant, indicating logical, analytical, quantitative and fact-based thinking."

According to chief Ian Poole, it was "inevitable that technology centric companies have a high percentage of employees who fell into the ‘blue quadrant', a thinking style that enables them to solve customer problems and provide technical solutions with profitable results".

"Our entire business is built on our ability to listen closely to our customers, understand what their business and technology needs are, and work closely together to deliver on them," Poole said.

"While excellent technology skills are very important, it's also vital that we listen and communicate well with our customers and partners to ensure that we are doing a great job, rather than just a good one."

These skills were drawn primarily from the red quadrant and were ones that Poole hoped Integ employees would develop further.

The program, Integ Gets Red, will "provide developmental programs to assist staff to understand how they can better lead and communicate across functions, strengthening the human elements of their interactions".

Through the program, employees can earn "Red Cards" and points from peers, customers and partners, which can be redeemed for rewards.

The company's vendor partners have been invited to nominate Integ employees directly for recognition under the scheme.

According to Mac Lewis, ANZ Channel Director at Alcatel-Lucent, it was "vital that technology vendors and their partners worked closely together".

"The tough economic environment of the last 12 months has prompted us to look very closely at how we can be as resilient as possible to the changing business landscape," Poole said.

"Our advantage is directly related to the engagement of our people with our customers; how well we understand them and how well we meet their expectations.

"This program is part of ensuring that our customers and our employees are always our top priority".

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