Lenovo rolls out new models

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Lenovo rolls out new models
Lenovo has rolled out its latest line of notebook and desktop systems.

The new line-up includes four new notebook models for the IdeaPad line and a new all-in-one system for the IdeaCentre line. Additionally, the company unveiled a new ThinkPad model for enterprise customers.

The enterprise model will be known as the W700ds and will sport two screens. In addition to the 17 inch main screen, users will be able to slide out a second 10 inch display from within the notebook's casing.

The company hopes that the new model will hold a particular appeal amongst the traditional graphics-intensive enterprise fields such as digital media creation, geological exploration and computer-aided design.

Mark Cohen, vice president of Lenovo's notebook business unit said that being able to negotiate size and with performance proved challenging for the company.

"Bringing this level of innovation to the most extreme PC users required continually balancing size and functionality with keeping the PC cool and quiet, " he said.

For the new consumer offerings, the company went with a slimmed down theme. Both the notebook and desktop systems will be pitched on their lighter weight and smaller design.

The IdeaPad systems will sport case designs as thin as one inch and offer screens as large as 16.5 inches. The company is also offering a new netbook model which will feature a 10-inch screen and a cost of $349.

The desktop model will sport a frameless 21.5 inch screen with ATI Radeon graphics cards and Intel Core 2 duo processors. The new system will also feature card readers and both USB and FireWire ports.

Like the notebook models, the desktop will be just 1 inch thick at its slimmest point.

The company said that the dual-screen ThinkPad model would be available immediately, while the consumer notebooks are set to arrive in March, followed a month later by the A600 desktop model.

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