Opinion: Who’s your nanny then?

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Opinion: Who’s your nanny then?
How nice of Apple to look after its customers by protecting them from evil developers trying to steal their identity and other details from their iPhones.

And they’re not even charging us for this service. What’s that? How do they decide if an application is ‘bad’?

Well, for starters, we’re guessing any iPhone application that isn’t handing over 30% of revenue to Apple stands a pretty good chance of making the blacklist. Of course, evil hackers would be in that category – they’re not likely to have registered their code with Apple in the first place.

But what about other independent developers? Are they all ‘bad’ if they’re not part of the revenue raising for Apple?

What’s next? Will this ‘benefit’ be extended to users of other Apple products? And hey, if it works for Apple, how long before Microsoft starts telling you what you can and can’t run on your Windows PC? And exactly where does this leave the open source brigade, which prefers to give their software away?

Will Apple blacklist them too unless they hand over 30% of… oh… well… nothing?
This nanny behaviour, as usual raises far more questions than it answers. Surely we’re all big enough now to make our own decisions about what software we run and where we run it.

After, all if we’re that desperate for some nannyism, we’ve got a perfectly good federal government ready and willing to provide the service.
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