Regional reseller said NBN plan better than Telstra's Next G proposal

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Regional reseller said NBN plan better than Telstra's Next G proposal
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The Toowoomba-based reseller said the Australian Government has made the right decision in proposing to build its own $43 billion National Broadband Network (NBN).

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd announced this morning that the Federal Government will form a state-owned enterprise to build a FTTH network in combination with private suppliers.

Grieve told CRN, the proposal works better for regional users than Telstra's plans to move everyone to the Next G network, as part of its NBN tender.

"Next G is slow in this region, not just Telstra but Optus as well," he said.

"10 percent of in-land Toowoomba can't get broadband because there are no wires in the city.

"Coming from an IT perspective, we are currently trialling Optus' Next G network and it just goes to dial-up speeds, which is just useless."

Grieve said Computer Ambulance was located between two Telstra towers and had a customer based at one of the towers and all they could get was dial-up speeds through the Next G network.

"The Government was subsidising satellite use but that was scrapped because Optus said its Next G network worked."

 "I'm not saying the technology is bad, it has a lot of potential."

"We just can't rely on the technology for internet connection.

He said the Government had to step in and do something about the NBN because people in remote areas wouldn't have been able to get the access they needed.

"Had the Government given it to Optus, then Telstra would've brought in better technology and would've taken the cream of the crop and we would've been under the telco's thumb.

"It would've been difficult for anyone else to make a profit out of it."

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