The ISP that Telstra's David Thodey was worried about is here

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The ISP that Telstra's David Thodey was worried about is here
MyRepublic's New Zealand team

MyRepublic wants to give Australia’s internet service providers a run for their money when it launches its own broadband services over the NBN this month.

The Singapore-based ISP is going to market on 15 November with a consumer broadband product priced at $59.99. The bundle comes with unlimited data and “the fastest NBN speeds available” in a customer’s area, up to 100Mbps.

MyRepublic has already launched consumer, SMB and enterprise products in Singapore and New Zealand. The company plans to launch its Australian SMB product early next year, and an enterprise product later down the line. The company plans to have a 50-50 mix of both consumer and enterprise customers in the future.

The ISP turned heads last year when former Telstra chief executive David Thodey named MyRepublic as a company to look out for during his last interview in the role.

In an interview with Fairfax Media, Thodey said "we are seeing more innovation at the tier three level at the moment [with] more startups like MyRepublic from Singapore... and that is where we are really focusing."

MyRepublic co-founder and chief executive Malcolm Rodrigues told CRN the company can stay competitive because unlike incumbent ISPs, it is not bogged down by running legacy infrastructure.

“They have the old equipment and old routes and they’re not necessarily ready to throw it all out and start again. We don’t have that legacy, so we can take the best technology, the best infrastructure and put that all-in place to begin with,” he said.

He added that MyRepublic endeavours to run on an efficient and agile business model, automating a lot of the processes involved in signing on new customers.

MyRepublic’s Australian managing director, Nicholas Demos, said the company has already opened its office in Sydney, including a call centre, and plans to staff fewer than 50 people. He added that MyRepublic’s services will extend to any customers within Australia, no matter what type of NBN connection they have.

Rodrigues has been vocal about Australia’s NBN in the past – “we don’t believe the NBN has launched here yet”, he told CRN.

He added that with MyRepublic finally entering Australia, he hopes to bring the conversation of internet speeds back to the forefront. He said that MyRepublic would be happy to grab five percent of Australia’s market share.

Co-founder Greg Mittman said MyRepublic would look at channel plays in Australia, centred around providing access for third parties.

“We built our own IT stack that’s specifically built to give portals to independent players. So, if you’re an independent channel player with a special solution for a certain vertical... you need to start to embed connectivity into everything and the way to do that is to build these links into a telco, and that’s the approach that we’ve taken,” he said.

MyRepublic is soft-launching a consumer product today aimed at gamers, which for an additional $10 per month, will prioritise traffic from gaming services for faster speeds and lower latency.

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