Why you should never tell a client a project will be hard

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Why you should never tell a client a project will be hard

Salesforce AppExchange partner BookingNinjas.com’s CEO has offered seven tips for successful client on-boarding, especially in the context of digital transformation projects.

CEO David M. Harroch opens by saying “Never say anything is hard in front of clients (even if it is)”.

His rationale is that “Sometimes we all get challenging requests that may or may not make the most sense. Always maintain your frame. Never forget that it’s their digital house, not yours. Be receptive. Just listen. If you feel that it’s not the right thing to do, then gently let them know why and change the topic.”

He also advises investing “a lot of time and effort into all your written communication”, so that customers receive succinct weekly updates complete with checklists to ensure milestones are reached. Doing so, Harroch advises, means that person-to-person encounters can focus on relationship-building. He hopes doing so can help to reach another of his goals: demonstrating to clients that your team genuinely cares about clients and the outcomes they desire. One way he suggests to do so is engaging with clients social media as a human, not as a supplier.

“Be real with your feels”, he suggests. “The important thing to remember is to treat your client with empathy and care. We have all been the new kid in school or late to a course and trying to catch up. Recognize that the learning curve they may have to change the way their business works can be disorienting or frustrating. If you exude confidence in your product, the client will place their confidence in you.”

Harroch also recommends using design to demonstrate progress. “Design simple infographics, web pages, and informative documentation showing the journey,” he wrote. “Make the client feel safe. Visuals go a long way.”

Another tip is to stay in touch with clients. “Don’t forget about all the people using your app on a daily basis who still need love too. Send them a gift, a card, a thought, or, occasionally, something outside the day-to-day stuff. Gestures like these go a long way in creating those lifetime customer vibes between you and your clients.”

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