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Tuesday, 29th June 2004  

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   Sun sheds light on open source Solaris
 Intel enters 32/64 bit market
 Commentary: Double your gaming
 Democrats lash out at endorsement of Gates
 WLAN sales to jump 90 percent


Sun sheds light on open source Solaris
Sun Microsystems' top software executive shed new light on Sun's plans to open-source its Solaris operating system, but the vendor's ultimate strategy to release the source code for its proprietary Unix-based OS remains far from clear. More...

Intel enters 32/64 bit market
Intel introduced its low-end entry into the 64-bit processor market this week with its Xeon-based Nocona processor. More...

Commentary: Double your gaming
NVIDIA calls them the ultra enthusiasts -- an elite band of about 1 million PC nuts worldwide that will buy anything thrown at them. More...

Democrats lash out at endorsement of Gates
The Australian Democrats have lashed out at John Howard's strong endorsement yesterday of Microsoft and its founder and chairman Bill Gates. More...

WLAN sales to jump 90 percent
Research firm IDC has released new figures predicting the Australian market for WLAN-related products to grow 90 percent this year to $43 million, fuelled by a 120 percent leap in sales to consumers. More...

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