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Friday, 2nd July 2004  

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   Gartner urges NT users to migrate now
 Java creator weighs in on open source debate
 Net-Itech ramps up in Australia
 DiData ramps up ACT involvement with $5.6m deal


Gartner urges NT users to migrate now
Now that Microsoft is no longer committed to rolling out critical security fixes for the aged Windows NT operating system, it's time for enterprises to migrate, research firm Gartner advised. More...

Java creator weighs in on open source debate
As Java industry leaders prepare to debate at JavaOne 2004 whether Java's stewardship might be better in the open-source community than with Sun Microsystems, the technology's creator James Gosling weighed in on why he thinks open-sourcing Java remains a tricky issue. More...

Net-Itech ramps up in Australia
US-based Net-Itech -- a company that manufacturers a self configuring Linux-based server appliance dubbed Net Integrator -- is ramping up in Australia and has promised reseller profit margins of 20 percent on the product. More...

DiData ramps up ACT involvement with $5.6m deal
DiData has signed a $5.6 million, five-year contract to supply, install and maintain switching equipment to a whole-of-government network for the ACT. More...

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