Are you getting profitable outcomes from your IT?

Where you locate your IT can have big repercussions for your organisation.

To get the most value from your IT, you should examine whether you’d be better off locating it on your premises or colocating it in a hyperscale data centre.

To help you make that decision, iTnews interviewed specialists from the Australian data centre solution provider NEXTDC. The resulting report covers the key factors you need to consider, including:

  • Data centre overhead costs, from power and fire suppression to diesel fuel and IT hardware
  • Power and networking redundancy and other resiliency measures
  • Physical access systems, including man traps and biometric security to electronically-controlled access rights.

Download the report by filling in the form.

To understand how colocating your critical infrastructure in a hyperscale data centre can help your business, reach out to the specialists at NEXTDC.

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