Cloud application revenue made easy

It’s a simple question whose answer hasn’t always been so simple. Businesses have invested extensively in systems to support their employees, and they have also invested time and effort in helping those workers make the most of those systems.

All of those customers want the best tools for their employees, and by extension for their businesses. However, many are cautious about changing the way they operate. Capitalconstrained businesses can’t afford to commit to yet another monolithic productivity suite. Despite all this, customers still want better answers to their questions about improving the way they work – and now you have one to give them.

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The new LogMeIn

For many years, LogMeIn has been building up a portfolio cloud-based products that address three of the most important aspects of online working today.

LogMeIn’s portfolio of cloud-based products makes this possible. It includes 18 products for collaborating, supporting and engaging customers, and securing data. Together, they make it possible to connect and engage with workplaces, colleagues, customers and products, anywhere, anytime. And importantly, LogMeIn’s flexible partner model makes it easy to sell, integrate and support these solutions.

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