How vulnerability scans identify & protect against cyberthreats before criminals locate them

Vulnerability scans identify underlying network issues that you wouldn’t otherwise notice. However, when these issues are identified and exploited by a cybercriminal, they result in organizational distress, loss and disruption in productivity.

Cybercriminals scan your computer systems from the outside for vulnerabilities in your firewall (if you have one). Once breached, hackers use automation to quickly probe every single device connected to your network, looking for an opening to gain administrative access to take over a computer or even the entire network. For cybercriminals, it’s not the size of the business that matters, it’s the ease of access.

Don’t put your business at risk by ignoring potential network vulnerabilities. The question is no longer "What if someone exploits a vulnerability on our network?" but rather "When will someone exploit a vulnerability on our network?" Learn how to eliminate the risks with VulScan by identifying and remediating those vulnerabilities before someone else discovers them.

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