Monitoring & automation: A primer for MSPs

To differentiate your organization in a competitive market, you need to develop, test, and deploy new services quickly, and automate onboarding for clients. MSPs also need the ability to rapidly scale services when needs change, learn and improve processes as they go, and discover and solve future issues before they impact customers — preferably with little or no human intervention. As such, automation has become an imperative for MSPs.

In this free ebook, we’ll demonstrate how monitoring and IT automation can help MSPs overcome today’s challenges, and unleash new efficiencies to drive down costs and expedite customer value
creation. We’ll explore some of the different types of IT automation and their application in the DevOps cycle, AI/ML, and Infrastructure as Code (IaC) tools, and MSP workflows. Additionally, we’ll will evaluate the pros and cons of IT automation and place it in context with human resource
concerns. Finally, we’ll provide some tips for choosing the right automation platform for your organization. 

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